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Diminish Screencaps
11.16.08 - update #002
Thanks for signing up, volunteers!! We have gossymer, fleuret, puncture and parle aboard!! Watch for these lovely angels' screencaps soon!! (:

Hakushaku to Yousei 05
Kannagi 05-06
Kuroshitsuji 06
Skip Beat 05
Soul Eater OP3
Soul Eater 30-32 by gossymer
11.10.08 - Update #001
Woot woot first update!!!? Image previews, info, and download links are in the linked pages! Happy downloading!

Comment if you have time or are downloading! Thanks!! (:

Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka 05
Hakushaku to Yousei 03, 04
Kuroshitsuji 05
Skip Beat 01-04
Hey guys, sorry for the flood of like, 10 posts, but there are a lot of new changes to this community!!

With gossymer's help, I changed the posting format of diminishcap. I will now post every week with updates instead of individual posts. The updates will link to a post with the screencaps there. (There's separated by series).

Watch for an update this weekend to see what i'm talking about!! (:

Thanks for all the support! :D
11.06.08 - Soul Eater

Soul Eater

Openings and EndingsCollapse )

I don't have episodes 01-20 capped, but gossymer does! Get them here!!

Episodes 20-29Collapse )

*Soul Eater is only dropped at this community. gossymer will be doing the rest of them and they will be postedhere!! (:
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